Horrific! 2 children brutally murdered in UP's Badaun, accused killed in police encounter

The accused used to work as a barber in front of the house of the victims.

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Courtesy: X/ANI

Two children were killed and one was injured on Tuesday when they were attacked by two men with razors in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh. The two assailants have been identified as Javed and Sajid. Javed, the main accused in this incident, has been killed in a police encounter. 

Know the full matter

The accused used to work as a barber in front of the house of the victims. Late in the evening, the accused suddenly reached the terrace of the victims and attacked them with a sharp weapon. At that time, only their grandmother was in the house. The three brothers were on the roof when the accused attacked them. 

Family members vandalised shops

After the incident, the family members and a few local residents vandalised shops and damaged a motorcycle. 
It is being told that salon operator Javed had a fight with the father of the deceased children a day earlier. On Tuesday, the father of the deceased children had gone somewhere for work and the mother was running her beauty parlor downstairs. There was no one at home, taking this opportunity, Javed entered inside the house and slit the throats of both the children with an axe. After committing the incident, the accused fled away seeing the opportunity.

Police killed main accused

Police were informed after the murder. The crowd did not allow the police to take possession of the body. The family turned back the ambulance that had come to collect the body. The angry mob vandalized the road and blocked it. The police killed the main accused in an encounter. It is being told that the accused Sajid had absconded after committing the murder.

Police action

Seeing the tense situation in the city, Bareilly Range IG Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh and the Commissioner reached the spot. According to sources, IG Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh had instructed SSP Alok Priyadarshi not to rely on the police station team, but to go out in search of the accused himself. This was the reason why SSP Alok Priyadarshi himself was leading this operation and was busy searching for Javed along with his subordinates. Even before IG Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh reached Badaun, the team led by SSP Alok Priyadarshi killed Javed in an encounter.