Missing for a year: 31-yr-old Thai model's dead body discovered in Bahrain Morgue

The remains of a 31-year-old model, who had disappeared in Bahrain since April 2023 were discovered in a mortuary. Her family, suspecting foul play, has urged an investigation into her demise.

Shantanu Poswal
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Courtesy: X/@Haberler100com

A 31-year-old Thai model, who disappeared in Bahrain a year ago, has been discovered in a mortuary, prompting her family to call for an investigation into her demise, as reported by the UK newspaper Daily Mirror.

Kaikan Kaennakam, known for her work as a model, transitioned to Bahrain after her modelling assignments decreased. She took up a job at a restaurant there to support her family back in northeast Thailand.

Initially, Kaikan maintained regular communication with her family through social media, informing them about her Bahraini boyfriend and their life together. However, in April 2023, her social media activity ceased, causing distress among her family members who were unable to reach her by phone, according to the Daily Mirror report.

Concerned about Kaikan's whereabouts, her family reached out to the Thai embassy in Bahrain in January for assistance. Despite efforts from the Thai community in Bahrain, Kaikan remained untraceable.

On April 18, the Thai embassy in Bahrain informed Kaikan's family about the discovery of an unidentified Southeast Asian female's body at the Salmaniya medical complex mortuary in Manama, kept there since the previous year. Identifying Kaikan through a leg tattoo, the report from Daily Mirror cited her cause of death as 'acute lung and heart failure due to alcohol poisoning.'

Expressing suspicions of foul play, Kaikan's family desires to repatriate her remains to Thailand. However, they find the process financially burdensome due to the absence of travel insurance.

In an online statement on April 19, Kaikan's sister shared, "My sister began working in Bahrain around two or three years ago and formed a relationship with an Arab boyfriend there. Yet, we have lost contact with her since April last year. After contacting the Thai Embassy in Bahrain, we discovered on April 18 this month that she had passed away."

The sister also highlighted discrepancies, noting bruises on Kaikan's body, while the embassy cited alcohol intoxication as the cause of death. "Despite the embassy's conclusion about alcohol intoxication, her body exhibited bruises. We are unable to repatriate her body due to the high costs involved. My mother urges a reopening of the case and a re-examination through an autopsy," she added.