Save water, drink beer! Liquor sales reach new highs in Karnataka amidst scorching heat, water shortage

Beer sales in Karnataka surged to an all-time high in April, reaching 48.72 lakh boxes, which is believed to be a result of the increasing temperatures and water shortage.

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Amidst rising temperatures and the election fervour sweeping across Karnataka, the state has witnessed an unprecedented surge in beer sales, marking a significant achievement for the Excise Department. In April alone, an astounding 48.72 lakh boxes of beer were sold, marking the highest sales ever recorded in the department's history.

The scorching heatwave has driven many individuals to turn to beer as a refreshing means to combat the soaring temperatures. Coupled with the excitement surrounding the Lok Sabha elections, beer consumption reached an all-time peak, with a staggering 3.87 crore litres of beer sold in April.

A notable comparison of sales figures from previous years reveals the evident surge in beer consumption. In April 2021, 38.59 lakh boxes were sold, whereas the figure stood at only 25.72 lakh boxes in April 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions. This upward trend in beer sales has continued to escalate, with each passing year witnessing a significant rise in consumption.

Interestingly, while beer sales have experienced a meteoric rise, the sale of IML (Indian Made Liquor) has witnessed a notable decline in recent months. Speculation suggests that the shift towards beer among alcohol consumers, particularly during the scorching summer months, has contributed to this decline.

In January of this year, 57.74 lakh boxes of IML liquor were sold, which gradually decreased to 54.46 lakh boxes by April. Despite this dip in IML liquor sales, the consumption of beer has shown a remarkable upward trajectory, indicating a shifting preference among consumers.

The surge in beer sales can be attributed not only to the rising temperatures but also to the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, which have further fueled the demand for this beverage among the populace.