Tata Institute reports producing Rs 100 tablet for cancer treatment

Tata Institute has recently claimed to have conducted research to form a tablet that can help with cancer treatment and costs only Rs 100. Read below to learn about the research process and where the project currently is in the pipeline.

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One of India's leading centers for cancer research and treatment, the Tata Institute in Mumbai, claims to have found a medication that can stop cancer from coming back.

After ten years of work, the doctors and researchers at the center have created a pill that they believe will prevent patients from developing cancer a second time and will also cut the negative effects of therapies like radiation and chemotherapy by half.

Effective treatment

This tablet has the potential to mitigate the adverse effects of cancer treatment by around 50%. Additionally, it has been shown to be about 30% effective in avoiding cancer. It may also work well for pancreatic, oral, and lung cancer.

Although the treatment can cost anywhere from lakhs to crores, this tablet will just cost ₹100 everywhere.

Research process

Rats used in the research had human cancer cells injected into them, causing tumors to grow in the rodents, according to a prominent cancer surgeon at Tata Memorial Hospital who was also involved in the study. Following that, the rats were given, chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy. 

It was discovered that these cancer cells fragment into microscopic fragments known as chromatin particles upon death. By entering healthy cells, these particles have the ability to spread throughout the body through the circulation and cause cancer.

According to research conducted by the Tata Memorial Centre (TMC), dying cancer cells release cell-free chromatin particles (cfChPs, or chromosome fragments) that have the ability to transform healthy cells into cancerous ones. Certain cfChPs have the potential to merge with normal chromosomes and generate new tumors.

Magic of R+Cu

Dr. Badve disclosed that pro-oxidant tablets containing resveratrol and copper (R+Cu) were given to the rats by medical professionals in an attempt to solve this issue. Oxygen radicals produced by the R+Cu break down chromatin particles.

When taken orally, the 'R+Cu' produce oxygen radicals in the stomach that are swiftly absorbed and reach the bloodstream. The oxygen radicals stop "metastases," or the spread of cancer cells from one area of the body to another, and destroy the circulating cfChPs. According to the researchers, R+Cu reduces the toxicity of chemotherapy.
The "Magic of R+Cu" was the term used by the researchers in their presentation."

Approval of tablet

The chief cancer surgeon revealed that the tablet had been the subject of over ten years of development by Tata specialists. Approval is still pending from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). 

Scientists from TIFR have requested approval for this tablet from the FSSAI. June or July is when it will be on sale after receiving permission. This tablet will significantly contribute to the advancement of cancer treatment. 

Profound discovery 

The physician stated Rats and humans were used in the testing of the effects and side effects, however rats were used exclusively in the preventive test. The human trials for this will take around five years to finish. 

There were difficulties with the research, and many people thought it was a time and money waste. However, everyone is joyful and enthusiastic today. It's a huge triumph.