Watch video: Girl colors hair using ice cream; Social media says YIKES!

In the video, the girl is seen using three chocolate ice cream bars, which she unwraps and places in a bowl.

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Courtesy: Instagram/tiktokcringe.pop

New Delhi: In a quirky twist of beauty hacks, a viral video on social media has left netizens both amused and baffled. The video features a girl opting to color her hair not with conventional hair dye, but with ice cream, sparking a wave of reactions online.

Unconventional beauty hack

The unconventional hair coloring method caught the attention of viewers when the girl, showcased in a video shared on Instagram account @tiktokcringe.pop, demonstrated the process. In the video, she explains how she stumbled upon the idea after seeing a similar hack online. Intrigued by the concept, she decided to give it a try, much to the surprise of her followers.

Ice cream hair coloring process

In the video, the girl is seen using three chocolate ice cream bars, which she unwraps and places in a bowl. After taking a bite of one, she proceeds to apply the ice cream onto her hair, generously coating it with the sweet treat. She encourages her followers to experiment with the hack themselves, emphasizing the need to keep the ice cream on the hair for approximately 20 minutes.

Video bexomes viral sensation

The video quickly gained traction, amassing over 200,000 views and sparking a flurry of comments from intrigued onlookers. While some expressed amusement at the unusual beauty regimen, others questioned the effectiveness of using ice cream as a hair coloring agent.

Social media reactions

Commentators shared a mix of reactions, with some suggesting alternative methods for achieving desired hair color and others jokingly critiquing the unconventional approach. Some humorously suggested trying more traditional methods, while others expressed curiosity about the outcome of the experiment.

As the video continues to circulate on social media platforms, it serves as a reminder of the ever-evolving landscape of beauty hacks and the boundless creativity of individuals seeking to experiment with unconventional methods.