Massive 13-foot python saved from Haridwar village; Safely released in forest

When summer commences, wild creatures begin to encroach upon human-populated areas, seeking water sources. Following extensive efforts, the python was successfully rescued and relocated to a secure location within the forest.

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Courtesy: ANI

In a dramatic turn of events, chaos erupted in Haridwar's Ismailpur village on Tuesday as a massive python made its way into the fields, creating a stir among the locals. The python, measuring a whopping 13 feet in length and weighing approximately one and a quarter quintal, prompted forest workers to spring into action for its rescue. Such incidents are not uncommon during the summer season, as wild animals often venture into human settlements in search of water sources.

Rescue Operation Initiated

Upon spotting the python, nearby farmers immediately alerted the forest department to handle the situation. Acting swiftly, a team from the Laksar Forest Department rushed to the scene to begin the rescue operation. The python, concealed within the bushes, posed a challenge for the rescuers.

Range Officer's Account

Range Officer Shailendra Singh Negi provided insights into the rescue operation, stating that the Forest Department team arrived promptly upon receiving the distress call. Negotiating the python's massive size, the forest workers, with assistance from villagers, managed to safely retrieve the python from its hiding spot. "This python was about 13 feet long and its weight was around 1.25 quintal, hence it took time for the forest workers to rescue it," remarked Negi. He further added that the combined efforts of the forest workers and villagers culminated in the successful rescue and subsequent release of the python into the reserved forest area.