Highest in the room! Intoxicated woman sparks altercation in Lucknow's Summit building

Repeated occurrences of alcohol-fueled altercations and intoxicated young individuals engaging in violent fights have become a common occurrence at Lucknow's Summit building.

Shantanu Poswal
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In a recent video captured at the Summit building in Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, a visibly intoxicated girl was recorded engaging in a heated altercation and exchanging verbal abuses with several youngsters. The footage quickly circulated across social media platforms, drawing attention and sparking commentary on the incident.

Expressing frustration over the recurring incidents at the Summit building, the individual who shared the video lamented the tarnishing of Lucknow's image, once renowned for its culture and etiquette. Many attribute such incidents to the presence of a nearby nightclub, pointing to a concerning pattern of behaviour.


The video depicts the girl aggressively confronting a young man, hurling insults and profanities while physically assaulting him. In response, the young man retaliates, escalating the confrontation. The altercation draws the attention of onlookers, leading to a chaotic scene outside the building.

As the situation intensifies, security personnel intervene to separate the feuding individuals and restore order. Eventually, the crowd disperses, but not before the incident garners widespread attention and condemnation on social media platform X. Users express dismay and disgust at the behaviour captured in the video.